Terms & Conditions

For swimmers and parents

1. Parent’s/Guardians 

a) Children attending lessons should not be left unsupervised at the venue. 

b) Please do not enter the pool hall any earlier than 5 minutes before your lesson. 

c) Please keep spectators to a minimum (maximum of 2). 

d) Carer’s who are spectating on poolside, please keep noise to a minimum to ensure all participants are getting the most from their lessons and are receiving a high standard of teaching. If this becomes a regular problem, then parents will be asked to move away from the poolside, whether this be in the changing rooms or outside the venue. 

e) As there is limited space, please be prompt in getting changed and leaving the venue, to prevent delay’s, and also upsetting the venue with parking obstructions! 


2. Behaviour 

a) Children must not enter the water, or be near the water edge until instructed to do so. 

b) Behaviour is addressed in a three-step process: 


1) Step one: A “three-strike” behaviour system is operated within the pool, to ensure safety reasons. Two warnings would be given, on the third your child will be placed on poolside for a “time-out”. Entry back into the water will not be permitted unless the child can state why they were placed on poolside. 


2) Step two: If step one is persistently applied, then an informal conversation will take place with parent or guardian to try to identify measures to help improve behaviour 


3) Step three: If behaviour has not improved from step two, Swimtastic Swim School will enforce a four-week break. 


4) Step four: If behaviour is still an issue after step one, two, and three, Swimtastic has the right to withdraw your child’s place at any time, without refund, which will be confirmed via email. 


3. Clothing/equipment 


All learn to swim equipment will be provided. 

  1.     a) Girls hair must be tied back. If this is not done prior to the lesson, a swimming hat will be given to ensure the upmost safety for your child. 

  2.     b) Appropriate swim wear must be worn – for girls a one-piece swim suit, and for boy’s trunks or jammers. Please ensure these are close fitting to prevent drag and hindrance to strokes. 

  3.     c) There will be a “on or off” goggles policy. If children are persistently fiddling with goggles and disturbing the flow of the lesson, they will be asked to remove them. 


4. Photography 

c) Photography is permitted on poolside only. However, make sure it is of your child only. If you are seen to be taking photos of other children you will be asked to delete them, and be banned from taking photo’s/videos within the venue. 

d) Mobile phone use is prohibited in the changing rooms. 



5. Parking 

Parking at each of the venues can be limited so please follow the instructions for each pool that applies to you carefully. Where possible, please car share to avoid any issues. 

Mangreen Country House 

(Swardeston, Norwich, NR14 8DD) 

  • When you drive in on the drive you will see signs in front of you saying, ‘pool parking’, please use these spaces. If these are all taken use the spaces on the drive, however please park considerately so there is space for everyone. 


South Walsham pool (Equestrian Centre) 

(Woodland Park Equestrian Centre, Low Farm, Low Road, South Walsham, NR13 6EQ) 

  • Please park where you drive in. However, during your lessons, the equestrian centre will be open, so I would kindly like to ask people to park respectfully and considerately. This may mean parking close to other cars or blocking them in (if you know them!). The equestrian centre has priority parking, therefore if there isn’t a space, bring your child into the lesson first, then go back out and move your car. 


6. Badges/certificates 

a) Swimtastic follows the Swim England Framework and assessment is ongoing throughout the term. When your child has reached a certain level, or achieved a particular distance you will be given the option to buy a badge/certificate. 

b) Assessments are ongoing, they are not in a set week, so badges will be given when criteria are achieved. Your teacher will let you know this and give you the option to buy badges and certificates. 

c) These are £2.50 each to buy (they are not sold for profit and so are sold for stock price) 

d) If your child is missing a badge/certificate from a sequence, for example they have stage one and stage three but are missing stage 2, please notify your teacher and they can get one arranged for you! 


7. Safeguarding 

Swimtastic Swim School’s paramount concern is the safety and wellbeing of the children within the school. We believe, without exception, that each and every child has the right to protected from harm or abuse regardless of their gender, ethnicity, disability, sexuality, or beliefs. 

All staff are UKCC safeguard trained, however for anyone who has concerns, please report them to our safeguarding lead officer Katie Collins (07747052710) as soon as possible for further investigation. We operate under the Swim England Wave Power, for anyone wishing to view this or our personal safeguarding policy, please email swimtasticswimming@gmail.com.


Please make payment to the following account, or via Paypal at: 


Name: Katie A Collins 

Sort Code: 55-50-28 

Account number: 70134022 


8. Groups 

a) All group lessons are to be paid either half termly, or full termly. Details of which will be sent prior to the term starting. 

b) To secure a space you can either pay the full term or a deposit of £10 per each child, dates of which will be given prior to the term. 

c) If group lesson attendee’s do not attend all sessions, the one’s missed will not be refunded. 

d) If long-term illness or injury occurs halfway through a term, then it will be to the discretion of Katie whether a refund or credit is given 


9. Private lessons (1:1/1:2) 

a) All lessons must be paid for at least 24 hours in advance via BookingBug or by BACS. No prior payment = no lesson! 

b) If you do not receive a confirmation email to pay, or it is wrong then let Katie know as soon as you can, and this will be rectified. 

c) If lessons are cancelled within 36 hours of the lesson, 50% of the session cost will be lost, if cancelled in 6 hours or less, then the 100% of the lesson cost will be lost. 


If you agree to all these terms and conditions, then please click below to download a copy of the Terms & Conditions, sign and print your name and return to us.

Group Lessons
1:1 Lessons
1:2 Lessons
£6 per Lesson
£16 per Lesson
£22 per Lesson
£5 per Session
Norwich, Norfolk
Tel: 07747052710

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